Monday, March 26, 2012

Disneyland - the extras

So we've planned a couple fun things for our kiddos for this trip.

At first the idea was to have them wear the same brightly colored shirts so that we could notice them. So we picked out a set of 3 bright orange shirts for the older kids and then I got one and my husband got one. The baby is getting an orange outfit. Then the kids wanted to personalize them so we got Mickey Mouse appliques at the fabric store

Here's my son in his shirt.

After that we got drawn in by all the cute clothing they have for little girls. So we ended up buying lots of matching outfits for the 3 little girls and my son is getting his fill of Phineas and Ferb and Angry Birds shirts.

The two older girls will have Rapunzel mini back packs and my son will have a Cars mini back pack. These will hold snacks and activities for the plane ride first. Second we will use these through out our trip for the kids to store their snacks and treasures. They might just end up in the stroller, we'll see how well they hold on to them.

Water Bottle Holders
Please forgive my horrible sewing skills, but I did make each child over 1 a water bottle holder as seen in this picture.

 I found the tutorial at she has lots of great tutorials for all sorts of creative things. I had made these two Christmases ago for some kid's friends that go hiking a lot. She told me that they loved them and so I knew that these were a must have for this trip. Hopefully this will help them to stay hydrated on the trip.

I'm thinking that these little extras will make the trip that much more special and fun! I can't wait!

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